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Peter Calabresi joins scientific advisory board

Peter Calabresi

Prof. Peter Calabresi, MD

Voxeleron announces the formation of a scientific advisory board

Pleasanton, CA – Voxeleron LLC are pleased to announce that Prof. Peter Calabresi M.D. has agreed to act as scientific advisor and become the first member of a scientific advisory board.  In this role, he will help ensure that the algorithms being developed at Voxeleron have clinical utility.  Professor Calabresi has pioneered the use of optical coherence tomography (OCT) in Multiple Sclerosis identifying the relevance of retinal layers for both the screening and monitoring of this neurological disorder.  As an early adopter of cutting edge algorithms for OCT, it is only fitting that Professor Calabresi should help guide Voxeleron toward the goal of better, more robust analyses.

Further information regarding Prof. Calabresi’s clinical research with OCT can be found here:

This is a voluntary role and Prof. Calabresi has no financial interest in Voxeleron LLC.


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